Kong Fong Brand "Hua Tuo" Anti-contusion Rheumatism Plaster - 5 Plasters (7cm X 10cm)

SGD $2.40

• Bruise & Sprain
• Rheumatism pains
• Lumbago Backache
• Arthritis Pains
• Muscular Aching
• Neuralgia and Sociatica

This plaster are elaborated with scientific methods selecting super Chinese medicinal herb, according to popular traditional prescriptions; so that it has the effective of invigorating the the circulation of the blood, reducing extravasted blood, subsidence of a swelling, analgesic and curing rheumatism.

The plaster has good curing effect ti treatment of injuries from falls, sprain and rheumatalgia.

This plaster is a good one in common use for family and travelling.

Anti-contusion, antiphlogistic, antioncolic, analgesic, anti-rheumatism, promoter blood circulation 

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