BioCalth Calcium L-threonate Dietary Supplement - 90 Caplets

BioCalth Calcium L-threonate Dietary Supplement - 90 Caplets

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BioCalth Calcium L-threonate Dietary Supplement

What important benefits are gained from usage of BioCalth?

• Maximum calcium absorbed by intestine
• Assist collagen formation
• Maximum calcium deposit in bone
• Enhancing the bone and cartilage cells’ functions
• Improving bone mechanics
• Maintaining joint functions
• Reducing the risk of bone fracture
• A natural way for bone formation and remodeling

Why BioCalth is completely distinct from others?

BioCalth contains L-threonate, a bioactive metabolite of vitamin C in vivo. L-threonate has specific influence in bone metabolism. It directs calcium passage through intestine and deposits calcium in bones more efficiently. L-threonate is a biocarrier for calcium.

BioCalth significantly increases bone density by its particular mechanism of enhancing osteoblasts’ activities and promoting collagen biosynthesis. This guarantees not only minimum bone loss but also the best bone formation and reparation.

BioCalthusage provides better protection for joint/cartilage structures and noticeably relieve pain, cramp and other symptoms associated with calcium deficiency, osteoporosis, and degenerative joint disease.

What are the Scientific Advantages of BioCalth?

• Patented New Generation Nutrient
• Helps in Reducing Rate of Bone Loss
• Helps in reducing Risk of Osteoporosis
• Enhances collagen and cartilage production
• Maximum absorption
• Maximum bioavailability

AUC (Area under curve)
Calcium L-Threonate  -  316

Calcium Carbonate        -  35

Made in U.S.A.


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