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The website is user-friendly, easy to navigate and the helpdesk here is very helpful and patient in clearing whatever doubts I had. I made my first order here following that and I am very pleased that my delivery came the following day, very swift and efficient. Will definitely repeat my purchase and lastly I am so glad that I found such a wonderful site to shop online. Min Sheng He, a piece of gem indeed! - Benjamin Lee, Jul 28 2018, 22:39 pm
Very fast delivery to Switzerland. Spontaneous refund of postage I had overpaid. - Thomas Haldimann, Jun 30 2017, 16:39 pm
Many thanks for your prompt and efficient response, today I have received the parcel I appreciate your sincerity and commitment for refund this will encourage customers to buy your products with confidence. In this part of the world it is difficult to find people like you who are so generous when it comes to services and more so the refund. May GOD bless you. I once again thank you for all the help you have rendered for this order and also past orders - ABDUL AYUB, Aug 12 2017, 22:41 pm
Price was good, not much increase since my last order few years ago. Delivery was very quick after I ordered. They are very honest, I got refund of overpaid postage. Thank you! - Carryanne Li, Aug 18 2017, 05:28 am
I've ordered some health care items I 've tried when I was in Singapore (head ache, flu, ecc..). The item arrived in Italy and I must say that Min Sheng staff is very efficient and available. - Fabrizio Bonalda, Feb 06 2018, 18:09 pm
excellent service - laurence, Mar 04 2018, 06:20 am
We will back soon. - Yaofen cao, Jan 16 2017, 13:12 pm
im so satisfied with the service, will come back again to buy online ;) - I Made Dwijananda, Apr 20 2017, 21:39 pm
- - Jason Chew, May 26 2015, 20:48 pm
tis is my first time ordering from min sheng he. I chanced upon the website while looking for a certain product. Min sheng he is very efficient in service. The website is also user friendly. I'm happy with the service and such convenience at the door step. Thank you :) - NurZila Sarrif, Feb 24 2011, 22:07 pm