Wykon Fu Fang Pearl Water Melon Frost - 2.5 gm

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Wykon Fu Fang Pearl Water Melon Frost



Traditionally used for the relief of sore throat and mouth ulcer.


Apply directly onto affected part, 3 times a day. If symptom persists, consult a doctor.


Beans, fishy and fried stuff should be avoided.



Every 2.5g of powder contains:
Radix Et Rhizoma Glycyrrhizae 900mg
Radix Sophorae Tonkinensis 450mg
Rhizoma Belamcandae 500mg
Indigo Naturalis 200mg
Herba Menthae 25mg
Water Melon Frost 300mg 300mg
Margarita 125mg


Manufactured in Malaysia.


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