Sloan's Liniment - 70 ml

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Sloan's Liniment


Sloan’s Liniment is prepared under supervision of a competent pharmacist and is composed of pure and selected ingredients.
For the relief of muscular pain, lumbago, stiff neck, sprains and bruises.


Apply the liniment liberally with a soft flannel cloth or a piece of cotton wool. Do not rub. it is strong enough without rubbing , which might harm the tender skin. Do not bandage.





Active Constituents
Turpentine Oil 40.13%w/v
Also Contains
Oleoresin Capsicum 0.65%w/v Methyl Salicylate 3.15%w/v
Camphor 0.68%w/v Sassafras Oil 0.95%w/v
Pine Oil 6.27%w/v Menthol 1.00%w/v


Manufactured in Malaysia.


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