Jin Pai Zheng Gu Plaster - 4 Pieces (10 x 7cm)

Jin Pai Zheng Gu Plaster - 4 Pieces (10 x 7cm)
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The plaster is of high medicinal potency, strong penetration and fragrant smell. It is effective for falls, blows, injuries, rheumatic bone aching, fatigue in physical exercises, etc.
This plaster is prepared according to the dialectic therapeutics of traditional Chinese medicine. The elements of the various drug and herbs it contains, when applied to the skin, will penetrate into the subcutaneous tissues so as to stimulate circulation and producing a local analgesic helps to cure inflammation of muscles and to promote the healing of bonetractures.
Firstly, wash and clean the surface of the skin till dry, then paste the plaster on the affected portion. In case of pregnancy, cautiously apply.
Store at the dark, cool and dry place.

Made in China.

Product Code8-888706-140075

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