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I had a very wonderful impressed shopping experience with them. First, they always answer my email promptly. Second, they're honest. They even refunded my overpaid postage. Third, I received what exactly I ordered within one week. I'm very glad I did business with them.
- Ann Deng, Apr 26 2013, 09:27 AM
Thank you again for this quick delivery. of Zheng Gu Shui 100ml helpful for wushu exercises
- Kungfuserge, May 06 2013, 14:59 PM
Thank you for the plasters which arrived today. I have immediately applied two. I will no doubt quickly use them all and be back to order again. I only wish that many UK retailers service and deliver the way that your company has done. Good communications and delivery. For anyone with arthritis - use the Xiamawei Wind-Damp plasters - they really work!
- Mac, Jun 05 2013, 17:54 PM
This lotion helps bones healing & reduce swelling of sprain . A must for wushu player
- kungfuserge, Jul 29 2013, 16:32 PM
this lotion helps reducing the swelling of sprain ; the bones also are healing quicker . The feeling is cold . Can be used alternatively with Jin Koo Lin lotion ( warm feeling) (more for the muscles warming)
- serge Guernet, Jul 29 2013, 16:37 PM
Good customers services, fast shipment. Received in good condition. Refund any extra delivery charges. Will buy from them again when needed.
- Poh Lily, Aug 21 2013, 22:16 PM
Thank you very much for keeping updated with the process of my order. Also for refunding me with the extra delivery charge. Delivery to Australia was quick and I will definitely order again,
- Anonymous, Aug 26 2013, 10:27 AM
This is my 1st purchase with them. Am really very satisfied with their customer service as well as their delivery service.
- Cindy Low, Sep 18 2013, 16:53 PM
I live in Australia and have had quite a few dealings with this company. Have always found them obliging.Orders are always dealt with expeditiously and they will even refund excess postage if it works out to be less than indicated on their website.
- Marisa Wright, Oct 17 2013, 12:30 PM
I was really happy to get my oil earlier than I expected. I got my excess surcharge and everything was really smooth. I also love the polar bear essential embrocation that I ordered for the first time(⌒‐⌒) I wish you could suggest some nice oil for someone like me who has winds, stress, fibromyalgia and anxiety. Thanks a lot and more power(^_^)
- Anonymous, Nov 25 2013, 23:04 PM
Received our order today. Excellent packing. Will order from here again. Thank you.
- Jim, Dec 18 2013, 04:48 AM
- SUDIPTO PAL, Dec 23 2013, 18:32 PM
Service and speed of delivery was second to none - Thankyou will use your services again
- Leigh, Jan 25 2014, 20:30 PM
Order from France for a great product I discovered while living in Singapore a few years ago. Good price, fast shipment, fast delivery. The product was very well protected. And finally, I got a partial refund on my postage fees as it was cheaper than expected. A very good overall experience, thanks again! Picsou
- Picsou, Jan 26 2014, 01:02 AM
I purchased an order for a friend but he decided to cancel. As payment has been made but goods not shipped out yet, the company was very kind to refund me my money in a prompt manner, no questions asked through paypal. Its just a simple gesture but it speaks a lot of the strong integrity and honesty that this company upholds. I will definitely support this good company moving forward!
- Paul Chew, Apr 01 2014, 20:57 PM
This company is the most trustworthy comany I have ever shopped with. On two occasions, they have refunded me part of my postage, because i overpaid. This was done without me even realising that I had done this. What other company would do this? There service is excellent, and the speed of delivery is brilliant. There products are top quality and well priced. I will continue to shop with Min Sheng He Pte Ltd without hesitation.
- Annie, May 04 2014, 02:34 AM
This is my first purchase from them an received the goods well packed and in order. Very satisfied with prompt service and excellent customer service especially Liza. Will be shopping agiain
- New Customer, Jun 13 2014, 13:08 PM
Highly recommended. Delivery very fast and package fully bubble packed. Service is prompt and courteous.
- James, Jun 20 2014, 20:06 PM