Hangan River Brand Essence Of Chicken With Bird's Nest Ginseng & Cordyceps - 6 Bottles X 70 ml

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  • Product Code 9-555168-301007
  • EAN Code 9555168301007

This essence of chicken together with choice Bird’s Nest, Ginseng and Cordyceps is prepared according to a traditional recipe to seal in all the natural goodness.

It is highly recommended as a frequent diet for both men and women of all ages; and as a daily food therapy for general weakness, insomnia and amnestic loss of appetite; redress asthenia, postpartum weakness, deficiency on both vital energy and blood, cold intolerance, chronic coughing and asthma.

This essence can be consumed straight or warmed. Consume on the same day after opening. Should sediments occur, shake well before serving. There will be no loss in efficacy. Taken regularly will improve one’s health.

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