Enzyplex Digestive Enzymes with Vitamin B Complex plus Anti-Flatulent - 30 Tablets

Enzyplex Digestive Enzymes with Vitamin B Complex plus Anti-Flatulent - 30 Tablets
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Relieves Stomach and Abdominal Discomfort:
·         Excessive Gas.
·         Bloating.
·         Food Intolerance.
·         Feeling Of Fullness Due To Overeating.
·         Belching.
·         Flatulence.
·         Nervous Indigestion.
ENZYPLEX is a special nutritional and digestive aid designed to ensure sound nutrition through efficient digestion and improved metabolism. It provides sufficient amount of essential digestive enzymes and the fundamental metabolic vitamins, as well as an anti-flatulent agent for the effective relief of abdominal discomforts due to accumulated gas.

ENZYPLEX increases the level of digestive enzymes in the stomach and gut to help digest food more efficiently. ENZYPLEX protects the organs and prevent troublesome conditions such as food intolerance, bloated feeling, excessive gas, feeling of fullness due to overeating, belching, flatulence, nervous indigestion and other symptoms of upset stomach associated with over indulgence in food and drinks.

That’s where ENZYPLEX comes in, as the stomach needs a little extra help.

For more efficient digestive process after every meal.

ENZYPLEX contains Digestive Enzymes, vitamins and all important elements required for optimum digestive process:
·         Amylase – to break down carbohydrate into glucose.
·         Lipase – to break down the fat into glycerol.
·         Protease – to break down proteins into amino acids.
·         Dimethylpolysiloxane – to drive the gas away from the stomach, thus relieving gassiness.
·         Desoxycholic Acid – to break down the fat before being digested by lipase.
·         Vitamin B Complex – to help in enhancing digestive process and metabolism.
ENZYPLEX is particularly useful for digestive disorders manifested by excessive gas, bloating, food intolerance, feeling of fullness due to overeating, belching, flatulence and nervous indigestion. It is highly recommended for the restoration of digestive efficiency either as a replacement or supplemental therapy:
1.       in digestive deficiency states due to gastrointestinal postoperative cases or gastrointestinal pathologies, declining digestive efficiency in the elderly, and degenerative diseases associated with aberrations of metabolism.
2.       in cases where there is increased need for digestive enzymes due to overeating, food intolerance, nervous indigestion or other functional disturbances of digestion.


Adults: 1 to 2 tablets, 3 times daily with or after each meal.
Caution should be observed with patients who have a history of hypersensitivity reactions and those with obstruction of the bile ducts.
Do not exceed the stated dose.
Store in a cool & dry place.
Manufactured by:
Westmont Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Product Code 8-992112-023010
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