3M Nexcare Skin Care Acne Patch Ladies - 36 Patches

3M Nexcare Skin Care Acne Patch Ladies - 36 Patches
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Product Information
Sterile Pack:
·        8mm x 24 patches
·        12mm x 12 patches
Clear Acne Spot-On Fast!
·        Water-based material that acts like a sponge to absorb the oily secretion, fluid or pus
·        Act as a barrier over the acne to reduce hand contact and infection
·        Waterproof yet breathable to improve healing
How to use:
1.    Cleanse your face well especially the problem areas with acne. Gently pat the skin dry with a clean towel.
2.    Remove 3M NexcareTM Acne Patch from the box and peel open the plastic pouch. Select a suitable sized patch which is able to cover the acne and place it centered on the acne opening. Ensure the skin is dry when the acne patch is used. Gently press the edge of the patch with clean and dry fingers for better adhesion.
3.    Once the colour changes from skin colour to white, it means that the oily secretion has been absorbed. The acne patch should be replaced with a new one.
4.    Keep unused patches in the plastic pouch and store in a cool, dry place.
5.    If you need to wear makeup, use the acne patch first before applying makeup. 3M NexcareTM Acne Patch is skin coloured and transparent. Sterility is guaranteed unless individual plastic pouch is opened or damaged.
Nexcare first aid. Feels better. Is better. TM
Hydrocolloid dressing
1.    It is not advisable to use 3M NexcareTM Acne Patch with other medicated products.
2.    If your acne becomes worse after the use of the acne patch, (for example, turns red, swells, feels painful or has yellow discharge), remove it immediately and consult a doctor.
Manufactured by:
3M Consumer Health Care
Product Code4-710367-404880
Manufacturer3M Nexcare
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